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To manage your Users and Groups, navigate to the Homescreen and open the the main menu.

  1. Users: opens the Users screen.

  2. Groups: opens the Groups screen.


  1. A list of all users with the username, the user's name and the user's mail adress.

  2. Add a new user with the button 'add new user'

  3. Search the user list.

  4. Enter the user browser here. The user browser offers a table with detailed informations on the user roles and sorting and filtering on the user list. As well as the possiblity to export the list as .csv.








  1. Note:
    Since version 4.7.2, bulk user deletion is supported from the user browser.


  1. A list of all groups in your Celonis installation. Click on a list entry to enter it.

  2. Add a new group with the button 'add user'

  3. Search the user list.





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