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Celonis 4

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Celonis 4 in an on-premises process mining tool. Celonis 4 uses event log data and digital traces from your systems to create a digital twin of your business processes. Seeing how your processes actually work lets you focus on fixing their inefficiences.

Celonis 4.7

Celonis 4.7 is the latest version of Celonis 4. You'll find its supporting help content here.

To build queries for Celonis 4.7, use PQL47 which is the latest version of our proprietary Process Query Language (PQL). You'll find full reference materials for PQL47 here.

Celonis 4.6

If you've got Celonis 4.6 installed, you'll find its help content here. You should use PQL46 to build queries for Celonis 4.6. You'll find full reference materials for PQL46 here.

Versions prior to Celonis 4.6

If you're using a version of Celonis 4 prior to Celonis 4.6 and need access to its help content, get in touch. We'll be happy to help.