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PQL47 (PQL Function Library - CPM 4.7)

PQL 47

About PQL

Process Query Language (PQL) is the proprietary, domain-specific language used for queries in Celonis 4. While its syntax is close to standard SQL, it's simpler to use than SQL. With PQL, for example, you don't need to define how your tables are joined as the information in your underlying data model is used automatically.

Using PQL

You build queries in PQL and then run them in the Celonis 4 query engine. With its wide range of operators and support for multiple data types, PQL lets you build queries that are tailored to your specific business and use cases.

PQL 47 reference content


Make sure you use the PQL reference content version that aligns with your installed Celonis 4 version. This PQL 47 reference content should only be used with Celonis 4.7.