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PQL47 (PQL Function Library - CPM 4.7)

DateTime calendars

Applies to: CELONIS 4.6 CELONIS 4.7


DateTime Calendars can be used to define the calendar which is used for DATE calculations.

  • FACTORY_CALENDAR is used to create a factory calendar. A factory calendar specifies on which exact time intervals (e.g., [2020-01-30 09:21:30.500..2020-01-30 15:00:00.000]) work is done.

  • INTERSECT is used to intersect two arbitrary calendars. The type of the intersected calendar depends on its input calendars.

  • WEEKDAY_CALENDAR is used to create a weekday calendar. A weekday calendar specifies on which weekdays (e.g., 'Monday') work is done. Additionally, the weekday calendar can be used to specify shifts (e.g., '06:30-17:00') for each weekday.

  • WORKDAY_CALENDAR is used to create a workday calendar. A workday calendar is based on the SAP TFACS table (sometimes called SAP Factory calendar) and specifies on which full days work is done (e.g., natively assumes 24 hours of working time). It gets its data on working days (and non-working days such as weekends and public holidays) from a given TFACS table.

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