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Getting started


You'll find installation, update and operation guides for Celonis 4.6 here. Get in touch for versions prior to Celonis 4.6.

Installation guides

Use our installation guides for step-by-step instructions on how to set up a completely new Celonis instance. If you already have a version of Celonis 4.7 installed, take a look at our update guides instead.

Update guides

Our update guides explain how to update from an older version of Celonis to a newer version. If you don't already have a Celonis instance installed, use our installation guides instead.


To update to Celonis 4.7, you must have at least Celonis 4.6.3 installed. If you're using a version prior to 4.6.3, update to Celonis 4.6.3 first using the update guide for your currently-installed version. Typically, you'll need to have installed and run the previous version of Celonis before updating to the next version.

To ensure you don't lose your configuration data, follow the steps in Celonis 4.7 - Update Instructions.pdf before updating your Celonis version.

Operation guides

Our operation guides provide all the technical information you need to use Celonis 4.7.