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The Status section displays the current status of the data connection and allows you to reload the data.

Your data model is made of data which is stored in your data source. To be used in your analysis, each data model is loaded by starting a process. This process is responsible for the connection between your local Celonis 4 instance and the data source. The section screen allows you to restart this process and shows its status.

Data model status

  1. Reload: click on this button to reload the data from the source. This process is independent from any data that is stored in your local cache and will not affect it.

    If you wish to reload the datamodel from your cache, click on the dropdown arrow to the right and click on the 'Reload from cache' button.

  2. Unload data: removes the data currently loaded in your model.

  3. Data model overview: this section provides an overview of all available tables which are included in your data model.

  4. Data source name: list of the connected data sources.

  5. Reload sessions: reload data model according to sessions of different Celonis users.