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Constant variables

Constant variables are similar to regular variables but they cannot be defined or edited by the user. They can though be re-used in different parts of the analysis.

Available constant variables

The following two constants were introduced in Celonis Process Mining 4.7.




The name of the user currently viewing/editing an analysis.


The filters/selections that are currently applied to the respective analysis. Returns the string representation of the filters, separated by ";".

Note: Load scriptsapplied on any level (Analysis, Sheet, Component) are not included!

Additional constants will be introduced in future releases.

How to use constant variables

Constant variables can be used in all and formula inputs in the analysis (such as the text components or the single KPI components).

The constant has to be wrapped with the following Syntax: Syntax.


Forwarding constants to external links


Constants can also be forwarded to external links using the new action of the button component.