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Data Sources

The Data Sources section offers a list of data sources available for your data model. It allows you to add new sources, edit the existing ones, check the connection status, and import data from them.

Data sources list


The Data sources list displays the data sources to which your data model is able to connect.

  1. Add new data source: integrate a new data source into your data model (see importing data).

  2. Search: search a database name to look for it in the data sources list.

  3. Data source name: list of the connected data sources.

  4. Connection status: displays if the connection to the database is successful ('connected') or not ('connection problem'). To retry the connection, click on the refresh refresh button.png button.

  5. Edit: opens the database connection settings (see the 'Database connection settings' section in importing data).

  6. Import Data: imports tables from this database into your data model (the selected tables are added to the Graphic Editor screen).