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Data models

Data models are the basis to all Celonis analyses. In a data model you define which data can be accessed from the analyses built on top of it. Data models are collections of tables (e.g. information about a Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process structured within several tables).

A data model can hold tables from different sources such as flat files or different database sources.

Structure and navigation


The Data Models overview is found on your Projects screen and allows you to view and edit the data models you have already loaded or to add new data models to your project.

  1. Data models tab: the tabs above the content can be used to switch between analyses and data models in the project.

  2. Data model: data models already loaded on your project. Double click to edit it (you'll be redirected to the Graphic Editor).

  3. Edit content: all actions on a selected element are available in the header above the content.

  4. New data model: add a new data model to the project.

  5. Search bar: search for activities and data models in this and on other project folders.

  6. Content permissions: edit the permissions associated to users or user groups for this document.

  7. Celonis analyses: analyses in this project that are associated with this data model.

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