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  1. Set your general informations like your first name, last name, mail and company as well as read your username in the general settings area.

  2. Enable or disable the getting started guide or the high contrast mode. The getting started guide will activate the help modals all over the application. High contrast mode will switch the color mode to black and white.

  3. Reset your password

  4. Set your profile language

  5. Customize the data visualization to your likes. Choose the default comma and thousand separators and enable the technical names for tables in the analyses' data chooser.

User Profile

  1. Change the users general informations like the first name, last name and mail in the input fields. The username can only be set on creation.

  2. Change and confirm the new password of the user. On first login the user will have to set a new password.

  3. Grant administrative roles to the user (see the User Roles section for more information).

  4. Lock the user account. Accounts are automatically locked on repeated wrong password input. You can unlock them here.

    1. Locked users do not count towards the license

    2. Accounts are automatically locked on repeated wrong password input (can be configured via the file

    3. Accounts can be locked after a certain period of inactivity (can be configured via the file)

  5. Manage the user's authorizations

  6. Delete the user.

  7. Access the user overview. In the overview you will see the content the user currently has access to.