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Formula Editor

The Formula Editor creates Dimensions & KPIs to be used in a component.



The Formula Editor is opened via the component settings screen.

  1. Dimensions: opens the dimensions formula editor screen.

  2. KPIs: opens the KPIs formula editor screen.



The Formula Editor can edit Dimensions and KPIs. The overview screen can be used to select dimensions or KPIs according to table columns and pre-defined dimensions/KPIs. The Celonis engine automatically analyses the data in your tables and suggests relevant dimensions and KPIs for you to choose from them.

  1. Tables: in this section on the left, you can choose a table from your data source.

  2. Columns: after you have clicked on one entry of this table list, you are now able to see the suggested KPIs/dimensions that the Celonis engine identified from it. Below the suggestions, the columns of the tables are also available for selection to calculate KPIs/dimensions from them.

    If you select a column, a third area 'Choose Function' might appear (depending on the data type of your selected column). For example, if you would like to select Year of Credit Applications as a Dimension, you might choose the EventTime column from the Cases table. If you are choosing a KPI, a third column will appear after choosing a column. This is where we actually set our KPI.

  3. KPIs: here you can view the KPIs (or, analogously, the dimensions) you have currently assigned to this component or add new ones. Read items 6 to 10 to know more about this tab.

  4. Switch view: switch the view between dimensions and KPIs.

  5. Preview: this section displays the preview of the KPIs/dimensions you have created

  6. Add KPI: click here to add a new KPI. This will open the Visual Editor or Code Editor screens.

    After you click on a KPI, the following sections will appear:

  7. Activity name: click to edit the activity name.

  8. Formatting: change the dimension formatting options.

  9. Formula box: here the formula for your KPI/dimension is display with its PQL statements.

  10. Formula editor: click here to open the Visual Editor or Code Editor screens to define your KPI/dimension formula more easily.

  11. Sort: use this icon to apply a sorting rule. You can choose between a descending and an ascending order (re-click this icon to change).

  12. Delete: use this icon to delete this dimension/KPI.