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The Mail screen is used to provide information on your SMTP server. This is required to distribute Stories periodically via email.


To set up the SMTP Server Configuration, please fill out the following fields:

  1. Select your Authentication [ssl, tls].

  2. Select the SASL Authentication, if required. Currently, OAuth 2.0 (XOAUTH2) is supported from release

  3. Set the Host name.

  4. Specify the Port.

  5. Specify the Default address used for sending out mail.

  6. Provide the username.

  7. Provide the password (in case of OAuth 2.0, please provide the generated OAuth token).

Note on OAuth 2.0 usage

Usually OAuth tokens have a very short lifetime (from hours up to days). This means the configured SMTP token (password) must be updated/rotated often. Doing so through the UI is inconvenient.

For such cases CPM4 exposes SMTP Authentication API. This HTTP API could be leveraged by automated scripts. Please see our API specification document for more information.