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Date picker

Date picker

With the date picker component you can set selections on any date column within the data model. You can select start and end dates for your selection.

  1. Click on the input field to type the date our use the date picker.

  2. Use the calendar to browse the existing date entries.

  3. At the top, you can navigate between month or click on the month/year in the center to sitch to the year chooser.

  4. At the bottom, you'll find quick actions to jump to the first entry or last entry in the date column or today's date.

Date picker settings

In the date picker settings, you can define:

  1. A title for the date picker.

  2. The PQL statement to get the dimension to choose from. Only date values are accepted as inputs and the eventtime is set by default.

  3. Choose the layout for the date inputs.