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The load settings on the data model allow you to set all detailed options on the Celonis Engine loads.


1. The cache retention defines how long the results are kept in hot-cache when they are not used.

2. The cache eviction defines thresholds when to start and stop removing entries from the hot cache.


3. Enabling Query Caching will cache queries running longer than one second. Size and warm up time can be configured

4. Load scheduling allows you to define continuous engine reloads. You can choose pre-set time intervals for the reloads, create a custom CRON job or trigger the reload from a database table.

5.Partial load scheduling allows you to define continuous partial reloads of specified tables.


6. The Celonis Engine smartly tracks long running operators and uses them to restore the cache during a data model reload. This is called pre-caching. You can deactivate pre-caching to save resources.

7. Distributed calculation specifies which compute server the data model should be loaded on in case of a Multi-Server-Deployment.

8. The Log level specifies the granularity of the compute logs.


9. Settings to limit the CLUSTER_VARIANTS and ESTIMATE_CLUSTER_PARAMS operators.

10. Load column allows you to exclude columns in the data tables. Those columns will not be loaded to the Celonis Engine. This can significantly reduce load times.