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Load scripts

Load scripts are scripts that automatically run when the analysis is loaded. With them you can, for example, ensure that your analysis always begins with a certain filter applied or with a selector option displayed.

Manage load scripts

  1. Load Scripts can be managed in the analysis settings in the tab: Load Scripts.

  2. Define the load script using PQL statements in the text box. If more than one script is applied, they should be separated by a semicolon.

  3. The add column section aids the input of Load Scripts. It allows the user to select a column from the connected databases and returns a default script based on it.

    The default script has a format: FILTER "TABLE_NAME"."COLUMN_NAME" <op> <value>

  4. The documentation shows the possible values the <op> (operator) might assume in the load script formula.

  5. Here you can find examples of useful load script formulas. Remember to replace the table names and columns according to the ones of the data tables connected to your current analysis.