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Active notifications are displayed for all users at the top of the Celonis 4 window. Notifications are a useful tool to publish announcements for all users using Celonis.

  1. New notification: click to add a new notification.

  2. Notifications list: here you can view all scheduled notifications for your Celonis instance. Hover over a notification list and click on the edit button to change its settings.

Notification editor

In the Notification editor you can type in the content and schedule your notification.

  1. Notification title: add the title of your notification.

  2. Enable notification: toggle here to activate (when marked) or hide (when unmarked) your notification. If left unmarked, the notification will not be displayed.

  3. Notification message: type in the content of your notification.

  4. Scheduling: insert the time frame in which your notification will be displayed.

Notification example

Notifications are displayed as a orange bar on the top of the screen.

Users can close the notification by clicking on the button in the right corner. (This will silence all notifications for 30 minutes.