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Fullscreen components

The fullscreen components are the pre-installed available applications for your Celonis analysis.

They can be added to your analysis by clicking in the "Create Sheet" button located in the footer of the analysis UI (see item 7 below).

Add new fullscreen component


Fullscreen components are added to the analysis via the 'Add new app' screen.

  1. New App: create an analysis application with the components you want.

  2. Process Overview: summary of the main metrics derived from your process.

  3. Process Explorer: graphic tool to analyze and understand your process.

  4. Conformance Checker: selected a desired target process and compare to your as-is one.

  5. PI Social: dive into the behavior and performance of the different users involved in your process.

  6. Case Explorer: view the process data tables and inspect individual cases.

  7. Create Sheet: used to access the 'Add new app' screen.

Fullscreen component list