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Publish and edit

It is possible to edit a Celonis analysis while other users have view access to the original analysis. All analyses have a draft version on which the user with edit rights can make changes. Those changes are available for all viewers after publishing. The published version is overwritten after each publish action.

Only one user at a time can edit an analysis.

Publish a draft


To navigate between the draft and the published version you can use the button at the top right.

  1. Switch to the draft by clicking on edit.

  2. Publish a draft by clicking on publish (Cannot be reverted!).

  3. Revert to published version will remove all changes saved in the draft and reset to the currently published version. (Cannot be reverted!)

  4. Switch to published version will exit the draft and open the published version.

  5. Reset selections will reset your current session.

  6. Save as allows you to save the draft as a new published version.

  7. Exit without publishing will bring you back to the management UI.

Sheet publish functionality

.gif file showing how to publish sheets.

Single sheets can now be excluded from publishing. Therefore, you can keep sheets as a draft while publishing already finished sheets.

You can exclude sheets from publishing in sheet settings by enabling "Exclude sheet from publishing".