The Group Provider tab allows you to configure the group providers if you want to use group synchronization with other systems.

Like in the Source Configurations, you can choose between a database table and a LDAP system as source for the synchronization process.


Here you can configure the LDAP or database sources that define the user synchronization.
  1. LDAP sources: list of connected LDAP sources. LDAP sources are used to manage user and group permissions
    Click on 'Execute all' to synchronize your users and on 'Add' to add a new source.

  2. Database sources: list of connected database sources

  3. Name: define your source name.

  4. Hours delay: delay between synchronization attempts. Mark the 'Active' box to activate automatic synchronizations.

  5. Group search query: the query is used to restrict the group search. The default value is objectclas = group.

  6. Group member attribute: This attribute is used when searching for members of a group. The default value is member.

  7. LDAP source: defines the LDAP source from the list defined in the Source Configurations.

  8. LDAP user provider: defines the LDAP user provider from the list defined in the User Provider.

  9. Group mappings: define a mapping between the groups in the LDAP/Database source and the Celonis groups.

  10. Config buttons: after you are done, click on 'Save' to save your source. The 'Test' button will evaluate the connection status.