User roles can be granted in the user profile of a single user.

Types of user roles

There are three types of administrators in Celonis 4:

  1. User Administrator: is meant to administrate users, groups, and to apply authorizations.

  2. Global Content Administrator: has access to all Data Models and Analyses.

  3. System Administrator: has access to the System Settings.

User roles capabilities

The administrative rights are split into the above mentioned categories. 
However, any user can be assigned up to 3 administrator roles in order to combine their capabilities.
Each role gives a user access to the specific areas in Celonis:

System administratorGlobal content administratorUser administrator
System settings
Authorization settings*
License management
Admin rights on all projects and its content
User management
Group management

*all 3 roles are required to actually set up data permissions end to end.

Single User Edition

As the Single User Edition is designed to be used by a single user in a local installation, there are no administrators available.

For this reason, the sections about the User Administrator and the Global Content Administrator are not relevant.